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Coronavirus, a bio-weapon of the Chinese Communist Party, WHO (World Health Organization) involved.


Chinese Regime was conducting biochemical weapons experiments.

In 1999, while Jiang Zemin was in power, the People´s Liberation Army published a book, Unrestricted Warfare, in which strategies for a weaker nation to combat a stronger nation are discussed in the context of modern warfare.


One of the authors, Qiao Liang wrote:

"After the First Taiwan Strait Crisis, he realized that the Chinese and American military fought head on, we are at disadvantage. Therefore we need a new strategy to help our military tilt the balance of power."

This new strategy is called "Unrestricted Warfare", a variety of means beyond all limits, without any restrictions. I t could be military related, including guerrilla warfare, terrorism, biochemical warfare, or it could be non-military related such a drug trafficking, poisoning, environmental destruction and computer virus dissemination.


Dr. Francis Boyle, a Harvard PhD, famous for drafting the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, clearly expressed, the novel coronavirus we´re seeing here is an offensive biological weapon."


Anthony Shaffer, Former CIA-Trained Intelligence Officer "There´s a lot of concern about what China´s ambitions are regarding long term global domination.

"The Chinese have already kind of stated they want to be the dominant political and militaty force to the Pacific Rim".


Gordon Chang, Asian Affairs Expert Columnist, last May, the Communist Party, through the People´s Daily, carried a piece which said that there was a "people´s war" against the United States.

"There declared war on the US. There is a war. China said there´s one. "


The WHO (World Health Organization" is following Chinese Communist Party´s guidelines.


The WHO take over on YouTube, Facebook, Google...


Bottom line, they want to make money from China, they fear Chinese repercussions if they air this stuff. It just gives you an indication of how the Communist Party is.

Chinese Communist Party suppressing speech in the West because these companies make money from China.




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