Lock Down, 2020 a Complex Story

We are in a crisis that mankind has never seen before, but thank God with a happy ending.

The real function of this measure and the statements of politicians that after the Lock down life will never be the same as before the false flag under Corona Lie.

Many people are sitting at home, for a false reason.

On YouTube are many economists who report that we are already in a crash situation.

Many companies have applied for reduced working hours, small self-employed in some countries such as Germany receive an income for 3 months to compensate for their income stagnation.

The ECB and FED give stimulus packages and want to buy debts from distressed countries and companies.

Clearly all this is an emergency measure to camouflage the implosion of the debt money system.

The value of money is decreasing day by day, prices are rising due to cuts or falling due to an oversupply like the Oil.

So the problem is broader as a fake story about a virus for which there is no valid reason.

To implement Crowd control after the Lock down, 5G masts and transmitters are installed in a sneaky way at record speed.

There are clearly different interests involved.

The introduction of a new gold covered money system, against the downfall of the Fiat debt system causes a lot of movement that is hidden from us.

It is a fight in the background of Globalists against their own people and patriots.

The Satanic Bilderberg Mafia, of course wants to stay in power and only wants more of the same because they don't want to implement knowledge, skills, but also their own agenda 21.

The Deep State has been dealt a heavy blow by seizing a lot of information in underground DUMPs Germany (Stuttgart 21 and Berlin Airport under construction) servers with a lot of files and blackmail material to force the Bilderberg bastards to harm their own people.

It turns out that all the locations of tunnels and underground bunkers are now known where children are imprisoned to be abused by the Elite, and trade their Blood for the Andrenochrome extraction.

This drug can be ordered online, the vampires do this openly.


So to produce this you need children, who you torture to create this chemical in their blood, see here what children disappear every year.


There are still 250 thousand children missing in Europe every year.

Liam vanden Branden was two years and two months old when he disappeared from his grandmother's house. Twenty years later he still hasn't been found.


his has been known for a long time but the criminals keep each other out of the wind, as they are in high positions in the Satanic System, Banks, Politics, Justice and various ministries.


The number of missing children searching and rescuing now in Europe as well could be a multiple of the annual missing children.

It is the US exercise Europe Defender 2020 as in the US in these tunnels and bunkers go to rescue the children from their captivity, which together with revealing the crimes will be the fall of the Cabal.

Here is a link about the progress of the dismantling of the Cabal people and children's hands.


Donald J Trump and Vladimir Putin started the war against these gangs in close cooperation in Europe, because they are the allies who never made a peace treaty with Germany.

The shaking of Adolfa Merkel was not caused by lack of water, but by cannibalism, this condition is called KURU.


Children Saved from Underground DUMBS... Blessed to Teach <3


In this tremendous update on the Underground War... and the #SavingTheChildren truthful info is shared. A part of that show I have written up as it’s ever such ESSENTIAL News!! in the fight to Free this Earth <3 I feel very relieved that the Sleepers have been detected!


Blessed To Teach on Sleepers info - German Base!!!

Gene (around 55:00) : “You may have a neighbour that is a MK Ultra end time sleeper person who doesn’t even know. So a lot of these people will be temporarily immobilized.

They are not going to kill them. If you see tanks, troops … they are going to a certain houses.”

“When they got the BIG, HUGE, MASSIVE SERVER in Germany, they got the LIST of EVERYONE of Earth with End Times Programming.

The list of ALL the agents, handles…

ALL of their codenames, real names, contact info, aliases, EVERYTHING!!! All of the blackmail. Everything.

So every DUMB base that’s how they got all this info.

In the RAID in the DUMB (named ? Gasse?) done by 600 Special Forces, along with a massive amount of bull bullion. I’m not even goanna say what amount, cause people will think I’m insane :) .

That’s when you read : “We got the gold”.

Rick: “The more prayer is improving the timeline. Move away from fear > faith.”

Gene (around 1:12:00) : The old and new 5G is being taken out.. is only temporary. We will have Zeno Effect = Quantum = instantaneous Comms … more than 6G.

Gene: One million hospital beds are empty, needed for the young ones that need help. Millions of people (nurses, doctors) that retired are allowed back in.

MK Ultra read up on Springmeier how it is done. It can be undone. You can reconnect your memory. It is painful, can be done with the help of strong prayer.

We’re moving towards Freedom for EVERYONE on this Earth

With the unification of West and East Germany in 1990, the Bundesrepublik Deutschland ceased to exist.


Everyone should know this and be taught at school:

Understanding the community we live in!

Somehow, most of them used the company construct of Federal Republic is not yet properly understood.

Fact 1

There is no longer a Federal Republic of Germany.

A. - The occupation statute FRG was completely terminated by the Allies on 17.07.1990.

B. - For the FRG bankruptcy proceedings were already opened in 2013, since 12.07.2018 there are the Federal Republic of Germany is no longer a party to the bankruptcy proceedings. - It no longer exists anywhere! –

Fact 2

Henoch Kohn (Helmut Kohl) had over 40 companies founded from 18.07.1990 onwards, everything that could be previously known as an office under Allied supervision, was transferred to a trading company converted.

Business enterprise = commercial enterprise = GmbH = company, all one and the same.

Fact 3

On 03.10.1990 the designation Federal Republic of Germany was removed from the UNO list of members deleted, but Germany / Germany was then entered.

The former FRG was registered in the role of NGOs = non-governmental organizations and since then it is called Federal Republic of Germany!

Fact 4

This NGO - Federal Republic of Germany then founded the subsidiary - The Federation - which political parties here for the public.

Both companies, - Federal Republic - and - The Federal Government - are trading companies and have to do absolutely nothing to the German Reich!

Managing director is Angela Kasner, (Merkel) partner = owner of these companies is

Jewish High Masonic Lodge - B'nai B'rith, = The Covenant = Sons of the Covenant.

These companies have no sovereign rights or powers here in the German Reich, everything is based on lies, deceit and deception.

More info on the link to the PDF,

What we can expect when all this information comes out is that the Satanists will be removed from politics and royal houses, removed and tried.

Police and Army are no longer allowed to take orders from the now ruling Satanist Elite, as their violence monopoly will not be tolerated by allied fo