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NESARA / GESARA coming. Sacha Stone, Anna Von Reitz and Robert Steele think so.

Global debt jubilee, prosperity programs, universal income...

Politics Can"t Be "As Usual" --- NESARA?

Yesterday, we commented with absolutely brutal bluntness:

"The [Federal] Subcontractors are passing themselves off as our actual government, and choosing up two teams of lobbyists to go glut at our trough every year."

For those new to the debate, there are two groups of federal subcontractors: (1) British Territorial U.S. Citizens--- mostly the U.S. Military and their dependents, and (2) Municipal Federal Civil Service --- "citizens of the United States".

Both these groups have been working for rival private, for-profit "governmental services corporations" and these corporations have been fronting the political parties with the "Republicans" more or less representing the U.S. Citizens, and the "Democrats" more or less representing the Municipal Civil Service, and all combined working toward one purpose since 1937: to bilk and in-debt their employers, the American States and People.

These are literally two groups of paid lobbyists, occupying Washington, DC, under conditions of deceit and non-disclosure, battling each other over their share of the public trough.

After the Civil War, these two groups were left in control, mainly because the Army Generals entrusted with the responsibility under the Lieber Code failed to make a clean breast of the situation and tell the American People what was going on.

As a result, the actual States never reconstructed the Federal States of States and one-third --- the most important part of the Federal Government from our perspective --- of the Federal Government ceased to function.

This has been the source of the perpetual ongoing "state of emergency" ever since, but nobody bothered to explain it to the American States and People, so we have, of course, failed to take the appropriate action to correct.

You're not likely to do a job, if you don't know that it needs doing.

Also as a result, Territorial States of States were substituted for our own American States of States, so we have had British controlled interlopers in here managing our State resources "for" us ever since the Civil War.

The Civil War Generals cut back door deals for themselves and -- purportedly -- for the country as a whole, even though they had no such authority and even though both the British Monachs and the Popes knew this was all horse hooey.

We are left with a spectacle of graft and greed and breach of trust unrivaled in human history, and even after this has all been discovered and documented and rebutted, the perpetrators in Washington, DC, were carrying on as if nothing happened. Business as usual. Politics as usual.

But it can't be politics as usual.

It's like waking up in bed with a strange man who isn't your husband. A response is necessary. Objection is necessary. So we have given that response and rebuttal, and we've held the Pope and Queen responsible. Both.

It's not possible to go back to bed, roll over, and turn out the light.

And it's not possible to have a "normal" political party election in November and call that good, either, because that would be a continuance of the charade and the strange man would still be in your bed.

It's important for Americans to understand that political parties are lobbyist organizations.

Lobbyists were never intended to run our government, and although there are always factions and special interests vying for attention, the people who are supposed to be running our government are not supposed to be members of political lobbies.

The people who are supposed to be running our government are not "representatives" --- that is, people carrying our proxies as shareholders in a private for-profit corporations.

The people who are supposed to be running our government are "deputies" who are obligated to run our State and international business affairs under The Prudent Man Standard---- meaning that they should be acting with the same sobriety and care with our public accounts as a "prudent man" would give his own business affairs.

It took 150 years for us to get to the bottom of what is wrong in DC, but we have finally arrived.

Our Army Generals deprived us of "critical, need-to-know, mission specific information" so we never completed Reconstruction of the Federal Government after the Civil War, and our Trustees, the British Monarchs and the the Popes, took full advantage of this lapse as an excuse to commandeer our labor and natural resources for their own benefit and as "muscle" to engage in endless mercenary conflicts throughout the world.

Ben Fullford recently reported that the White Dragon Society received word from the Perpetrators to the effect: "We have ruled the world for thousands of years and will destroy it rather than give it up."

We shall observe that these same characters have ruled via deceit, literally on the basis of lies, omissions, and secrecy that is no longer possible. The destruction of such a world is hardly something to be mourned. Rather, its destruction opens the door for fresh air and the removal of dishonest elitists.

When what is true comes, the false must pass away. So be it.

We wish for a peaceful transition, with Mr. Trump occupying the actual and proper Office of The President of The United States of America, if he will accept the mission. Our State Assemblies already accepted his election, if he will consent to serve.

We wish for everyone to be told the facts about the "politcal parties" and the private corporation elections that have been foisted off on us as substitutes for the actual Public Offices and Public Elections we are owed.

In our opinion, it needs to be explained up front so that people are not distressed and further confused by the absence of politics as usual.

They also need to be told to declare their proper political status, and if they are birthright Americans or properly Naturalized and intending to be Americans, to join their State Assemblies and take part in reconstructing the States of States and Federal States of States we are owed.

We wish for the peaceful adoption of the NESARA plan as it was originally proposed, to return all right, title, and interest in our land and soil without limitation to the American States and People, along with our other assets to be re-conveyed to us.

Far from being outlandish, this is merely what we are owed, and what should have taken place in 1865 --- and what would have taken place, had our Army Generals been honest and swift enough on the uptake to make sure that it was done.

Sacha Stone seems to think that NESARA -type resolution is on the way. Robert David Steele seems hopeful that it is. For myself and our Team, we supported NESARA back in the 1980's when the Beltway Crowd laughed in our faces, and we still support the original intent of the NESARA legislation now.


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