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NWO Globalists Using Spanish Flu Pandemic Playbook to Perpetrate OPERATION COVID-19

New World Order Cabal Had 100 Years to Perfect Their Pandemic & Panic Playbook

The very day that SOTN published the first article on what began as the Wuhan novel coronavirus epidemic on January 22, 2020, we predicted that the New World Order globalist cabal would copy their 1918 Spanish Flu playbook.  And so they have!

For the uninitiated, that Jan. 22 exposé on the Wuhan outbreak was the first on the Internet to make any comparisons to the truly apocalyptic Spanish Flu.  It has been posted below because that detailed piece provides many of the most important clues which prove the man-made COVID-19 pandemic was bio-engineered and covered up in relatively the same manner as the Spanish Flu pandemic.

There are many other dead giveaways occurring in real-time that also reflect this obvious copycat international criminal conspiracy to commit genocide, and impose draconian controls on the entire planetary civilization, just as they did with the Spanish Flu.

There are now volumes of scientific, circumstantial, anecdotal and experiential evidence available in the public domain which demonstrates that the COVID-19 global pandemic and staged panic were meticulously planned in advance, just as they are being executed, coordinated, and covered up in real-time today.

This compilation of “Comprehensive Series of Exclusive Exposés, Big-Picture Analyses and Health Warnings” provides necessary background as well as deeper understanding of what’s really happening today.


Spanish Flu of 1918

The Spanish Flu of 1918 was first and foremost a military operation conducted by the U.S. Armed Forces, principally, along with the rest of the Allied Powers.  The pandemic was intentionally started at Fort Riley, Kansas by the forced administration of experimental vaccines on every American recruit.  Fort Riley, Kansas was the Army’s largest training facility during World War I, which meant that the soldiers were sent to every theater of war.  Those flu-infected service members then traced out countless vectors of dissemination for the H1N1 influenza virus that went on to kill upwards of 100 million people worldwide.  The Great War was cynically used by the perpetrators to aggressively enforce an info blackout that significantly contributed to the worst global pandemic in history.  Hence, the pervasive ignorance regarding the existence of such a perilous plague, as well as the lack of good information about how to effectively treat it, ensured an extraordinarily high mortality rate.

The Spanish Flu pandemic was first initiated via an inherently unsafe experimental vaccination program which the creators knew was extremely toxic and lethal.  There were several goals achieved by that global depopulation strategy, one of which was to seed the entire human race with specific types of biological and chemical material that would alter DNA among other things.  For instance, the Rockefeller Foundation was founded in 1913 and was very involved in medical research and education as their business investments were heavy in the nascent pharmaceutical industry.  For predatory capitalists involved in the healthcare industry, disease was a good thing because it was very good for business.  Not only that, but petroleum refinery-generated waste products from Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company could be used as the raw material to create new and profitable pharmaceutical drugs.  Because many prescription drugs are formulated with petrochemical derivatives, which have been chemically engineered to mimic the medicinal qualities of herbs and other plant-based remedies, Rockefeller and his partners could patent them to earn enormous profits.  Hence, the Spanish Flu proved to be a great boon to all the super-wealthy robber barons and venture capitalists of the first half of the last century.

The Spanish Flu sickness was significantly exacerbated in various ways by the medical protocols prescribed by virtually all attending physicians.  This included the regular prescription of Bayer aspirin which suppresses the immune system.  In so doing, the secondary infection of bacterial pneumonia was provided a much more conducive environment in which to proliferate rapidly often ending in a quick death.  Many other victims actually died of aspirin overdoses because the clinicians were incapable of “differentiating progressive salicylate intoxication from infection pathologically or clinically”Other fatal complications often arose from the liberal prescription of various opioid painkillers to include morphine, opium, codeine and heroin.  Morphine was the pain reliever of choice in most hospitals at that time which frequently led to life-destroying addictions or worse.  American hospitals were generally overwhelmed by the influx of acute patients many of whom required intensive care.  The crowded conditions and fetid air quality also contributed considerably to higher infection and mortality rates.

The electrification of Earth played a significant role in the globalization of the Spanish Flu pandemic.  Prior to World War I, electricity was not nearly as available to the common man whereas after the war it became much more ubiquitous.  Because the radio era began in 1918, people everywhere were listening close to the “talking radio”.[1]  Other electrical inventions also became popular quickly.  This created a new soup of low-level electropollution within which the industrialized nations became immersed.  The scientists of the day were well aware of the subtle negative effects of electricity on the human body.  While they may not have known about the production of viruses as a bodily reaction to electromagnetic frequencies, they knew that exposure to electrical fields had adverse impacts on human health and the environment.  Hence, the Spanish Flu may have been deliberately timed at the very beginning of the radio era when viruses began to appear.  The coronavirus family of viruses was first discovered in the 1960 when the electrification of the planet took another substantial leap. See: Germ Theory, Viruses & Exosomes (Video)

There were extreme press restrictions in 1918 regarding the Spanish Flu which effectively weaponized the influenza causing it to mushroom into a global pandemic.  None of the allied nations were permitted to discuss it in public which is why it was labelled the Spanish Flu.  Only in Spain was the devastating flu openly discussed throughout high society, by government officials, in the media and among the citizenry as the unprecedented public health disaster it truly was.  Because the Spanish government stubbornly refused to enter World War I on either side, the Allies tagged them with the worst pandemic in world history by naming it the Spanish Flu.  Whatever information was eventually released to the general public proved to be too late or untrue, leading to many more millions of flu deaths well after the pandemic was declared over with.

COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020

The 2020 novel coronavirus outbreak and ensuing COVID-19 pandemic were also the direct result of a U.S. military operation that was carried out during the World Military Games during October of 2019 in Wuhan, China. Hard evidence has emerged that indicates American service members, who were infected with COVID-19, attended those games.  The very fact that the U.S. Armed Forces are the third largest in the world, supported by far the biggest budget, and yet the Americans only placed 35th in the games in Wuhan indicates the ‘sports team’ was there on a serious mission.  More than likely, some members of the US contingent were CIA agents sent to carry out multiple bioterrorist attacks against China.  “Many [US military athletes] never even participated in any event and stayed near the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, where the disease is said to have originated only days after the US left the area.”[2]  The circumstantial evidence that indicts the United States for this series of bioterrorist attack is now overwhelming.  This GLADIO bioterrorism operation also bears similarity to the manner in which the Spanish Flu also originated at a US bioweapon lab and was then disseminated worldwide by the US military personnel.  The current wave of bioterrorism in China (there have been several over the years) was actually planned in the mid-1970s by NATO’s High Command according to a UK Military Officer & Whistleblower.

COVID-19 is a complex weapon system that has been activated over a protracted period of time.  Both the United States and China have become national victims of the global Super-Vaccination Agenda during the intervening 100 years since the Spanish Flu.  Along with other nations that have seen coronavirus clusters explode out of nowhere, both countries have seen a dramatic uptick in vaccine compliance.  The Chinese, in particular, have been conditioned to get vaccinated after decades of severe influenza pandemics and outbreaks to include the Asian flu (1957), Hong Kong flu (1968), Swine flu (2009) and Bird flu (2017) among many others over the past 70 years.  Likewise, Americans have been relentlessly stampeded into the pen of vaccine compliance with annual flu shot programs and mandatory childhood vaccination schedules.  Just as the vaccines were the primary predicate to the Spanish Flu, both the Chinese and Americans have been as super-vaccinated as any other populations on Earth setting them up for extreme susceptibility to Coronavirus Syndrome.  All the scientific tracking data supports the manifesting pattern that flu vaccines trigger COVID-19 disease, especially in immunocompromised individuals.  More significantly, vaccines will even adversely affect healthy folks making them much more vulnerable to the highly infectious and opportunistic COVID-19.  It’s quite alarming, then, that this raging coronavirus pandemic is being used to roll-out a mandatory vaccine for every person on the planet where an immunity certificate will be issued.  How’s that for a expertly executed “Problem~Reaction~Solution” strategy?!

COVID-19 has not been correctly identified, nor has it been properly treated, just like the Spanish Flu.  There is a well-known medical axiom: “Wrong diagnosis, wrong treatment.”  Everything the medical authorities have done in this regard has only made matters much worse.  COVID-19 is not merely a coronavirus; it’s a complex and sophisticated bioweapon that triggers a full-blown multi-infection syndrome.  COVID-19 has already been shown to have several pieces to the pathogenic puzzle to include exosomes, HIV inserts as well as a unique coronavirus.  Because of its extreme virulence and mutational capacity, COVID-19 certainly has other pernicious components which have eluded identification (and therefore diagnosis) either by design or because of difficulty.  Because it’s being treated as Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, patients everywhere are being put on ventilators which can destroy their lungs and hasten death.  However, before patients ever get into the hospital they are subjected to a dubious coronavirus test that is both inconclusive and frequently misdiagnoses; it’s also quite painful.   Even more concerning is the fact that many test kits have been found to be contaminated with COVID-19.  Then there is the unprecedented public debate, and sometimes corrosive quarrels, about the efficacy of certain drugs such as hydroxychloroquine.  Following the Spanish Flu playbook, the lack of a precise COVID-19 diagnosis has led to poisonous and destructive treatments.  As a result, multiple re-infections are occurring while mortality rates soar unnecessarily around the world.  This swiftly intensifying predicament of pandemonium has been sustained by willful obfuscation and the criminal intent to commit genocide.  Certainly, the top diagnostic laboratories in the USA could have successfully dissected every aspect of the physical disease by now.   They also know that Coronavirus Syndrome is the inevitable consequence of an advanced QUATERNARY WEAPON SYSTEM That’s Activated Before Each Coronavirus Cluster Explosion.

No discussion of OPERATION COVID-19 would be complete without understanding the critical part played by the ongoing roll-out of 5G.  However, the preceding generations of cellular technology such as 4G, 3G, 2G, and 1G also had a major influence on the current coronavirus crisis.  Each successive cellular generation has served to further weaken the human immune system making it much more vulnerable to a whole host of pathogenic micro-organisms.  Because COVID-19 is a multi-infection syndrome with various bioengineered microbial components, the patients are assaulted by an array of symptoms which can reflect the presence of bacterial, viral, fungal and/or mycoplasmal micro-organisms that are pathogenic within the context of a multi-infection syndrome.  The constant exposure to a 5G power grid will only super-charge the internal environment so that co-infections can propagate.  The more bugs that make a nice home in the respiratory system, the more they will cause the different kinds of complications that COVID-19 patients routinely experience.  5G has also been implicated in the coronavirus mutations that have created new variants of the morphing disease process.  However, there is also the great likelihood that many coronavirus victims were first experiencing an undiagnosed case of either 5G Flu (mild Electrohypersensitivity illness) or 5G Syndrome (acute Electrohypersensitivity illness). See: CORONAVIRUS SPECIAL REPORT: Worldwide Outbreaks of 5G Syndrome and 5G Flu Driving Pandemic

Just as the Spanish Flu outbreak was timed with cold calculation to occur toward the end of WW1, the COVID-19 bioweapon was launched just before the planned hot phase of World War III.  The true perpetrators know that the only way to jumpstart the collapsed global economy (the controlled demolition started after 9/11 and again in earnest after the engineered 2007 real estate collapse and 2008 stock market crashes) is to do what the International Banking Cartel & Crime Syndicate has always done—start a world war.  The purposefully manufactured trade war between the Trump administration and Beijing for the sake of the American Right, as well as the naked acts of coronavirus bioterrorism carried out against China in Wuhan and elsewhere, have fostered an international environment marked by unparalleled rancor, discord and bellicosity. 

Even the many fastidiously staged anti-Russia black operations, propaganda campaigns, malicious prosecutions, illegal economic sanctions, frivolous investigations, media circuses and other psyops have drawn the American Left onto the rapidly evolving global battlefield. 

Therefore, at the end of the day, Operation Coronavirus Pandemic and Panic will be rightly viewed as the planned trigger event, implemented by the inveterate Zio-Anglo-American warmongers to start WW3, which will fail miserably. Even the stock markets are still going up irrationally, after dropping like a rock after daily doses of reality, because of the distinct prospect of exceedingly lucrative war profiteering in the offing.  For the Zio-Anglo-American Axis only thrives when the perpetual war economy is stoked with armed conflict, controlled chaos and other staged Ordo ab Chao outcomes.


Obviously, there are also major differences between the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic.  That’s because The Powers That Be have had over a century to perfect their various weapon systems and integrate them into a highly efficient and stealthy QUATERNARY WEAPON SYSTEM.

Given the 5G juggernaut that is inexorably rolling across the land — EVERYWHERE — it must be understood that the present pandemic is potentially MUCH more dangerous and deadly than 1918.  That is primarily due to the stark reality that the 5G weapon system can be easily activated with the flip of a switch wherever roll-outs have occurred.  In light of this state of affairs, 5G power grids will inevitably produce a low-motion Extinction Level Event.  It has even been asserted that what we are really experiencing is a Fake Virus Pandemic Fabricated to Cover-Up Global Outbreak of 5G Syndrome.

KEY POINT: That the first 4 coronavirus clusters exploded in major cities that each had intensive 5G roll-outs is a BIG clue to this not-so-mysterious mystery.  Wuhan, China was an official 5G demonstration zone in 2019; Milan, Italy was Europe’s primary 5G test-hub in 2019; New York City had and has the highest density 5G power grid in the US in 2019 and 2020, respectively; and Kirkland, Washington (next to Seattle and Microsoft), the North American ground zero for COVID-19 was an early 5G beta testing site.

However, it’s the big picture that must be clearly seen if humanity is to find its way out of the current planetary plight.  Only in this way can anyone perceive the shiny silver lining sewn into this dark ominous cloud.  But exactly what is that auspiciously timed opportunity that awaits each and every resident on Earth?

When COVID-19 is inextricably linked to 5G, everything changes in a cyber-flash.  Here’s just one meme to get the snowball rolling down the hill until its big enough to crush the 5G juggernaut dead in its tracks.


Special Note

There are many important links embedded in this post; however, the two that follow are by far the most IMPORTANT (they’re both short reads).   These two exposés ought to be circulated far and wide before many trusting and/or unaware folks fall into 2 different traps.

Everyone, please take good care!

State of the Nation April 6, 2020





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