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The CV19 Crisis, Same Basic Characteristics that Benefit the NWO

Debt, the Elite´s Tool to Control the World


Who wins in this crisis as in every crisis? The Elite (the 1%) through the Central Banks

What is a Central Bank? A private corporation

Do the Central Banks have money? No, they print it from the thin air

Why do they exist? To control the world

Who controls the Central Banks? The Round Table (The Trilateral Commission, Council of Foreign Relations, United Nations, Club Bilderberg, Club of Rome and the Royal Institute of International Affairs)

Who controls the Round Table? The Committee of 300

Who controls the Committee of 300? The Council of 13

Who controls the Council of 13? The Queen Elisabeth II

Who controls the Queen Elisabeth II? The Pope

Who controls the Pope? The Black Pope, the Jesuits

Central banks are "buying" sovereign debt, and now other real assets with fake money in a steady way and this pandemic looks like the perfect excuse to recover the trend.

Central Banks have pumped an annualized $23.4 Trillion and they use currency (not money) named FIAT SYSTEM. Since Nixon abolished the gold standard in 1971, the USD is only paper, not certificates of gold, silver or other real assets.

Currency/FIAT system is only a system of control and the central banks have the printing machine.
So they print paper to buy sovereign debt and real assets and charge interest for it, Kennedy wanted to abolish this system and was killed.

What happens when a country cannot pay that "debt"? they appropriate their natural resources.

The current "debt" of almost all the countries will never be able to be paid... and that´s the elite´s (1%) goal.

Learn more!

the Global Currency Reset is going to reform this system,

it's going to change the world and

it's going to affect you.

Go PRO and awake like a PRO!



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