The World will Never be the Same

The world will never be the same after this period, 4 April 2020 = 4 + 4 + 4

In this post I would like to go through a few things that are very important for the transition we are now embarking on.

I can reassure people who are afraid of WW3 that it is almost over.

To be born, to learn to obey and to serve with the fight for survival at the hands of the Cabal is almost over.

We have been kept in a false illusion for so long that we get confused when we start to see the truth, even many who think they are awake are going to learn a lot.

Most governments around the world are part of the crime against the world's population, and certainly against our own, it is state terror on a large scale to which we as a population are exposed.

Why is Russia so demonized by Western politics and media?

Vladimir Putin did what Donald J Trump is doing now, exposing and removing the Satanists Deep State in order to destroy the fascist NWO.

We must also think for a moment that there are priorities in the timeline of action to be taken, because rescuing and protecting abducted children who have been murdered and tortured for the Andrenochrome drug for the elite, they are the first priority.

This is one of the first actions that had to be taken and is included in the whole plan.

No matter how heartbreaking it is, we have to realize that the animals that did this must never again be able to use their satanic practices.

We now see many prominent people decaying as a result of the supply stop of Andrenochrome that kept their young.

The war against paedophiles is an international war that has been going on for years, as the speech of Vladimir Putin, who took a stand on Mark Rutte's accusation that Russia would persecute homosexuals (know that slippery viper Satanist Mark Rutte himself is also a homosexual), proves.

Vladimir Putin gives Mark Rutte a taste of his own medicine!

I find it hard to imagine that a judge in Moscow would allow paedophilia organization.

Here we see exactly what the actions in the west are doing now, and don't be afraid no one will be skipped, all the rats that want to leave the sinking ship can't escape.

Although the patriots all over the world have the same goal, the cooperation was only well established after the meeting between Trump and Putin, in Helsinki 2018.

Mr President, I now give you the ball to complete the game.

With 160 Terabyte of information and key code to decipher the intel.

The Deep State was afraid of this meeting, so that's why Putin was so demonised because he had already eliminated his Deep State in Russia.

The desired war of the Cabal didn't happen, so they can't link the implosion of the Fiat money system to a war that's coming.

Introducing GESARA would free mankind from the Cabal bankers and his political accomplices, which is why 9/11 was planned and committed by Bush and the CIA with the Mossad.

Because all the GESARA gold of the US was stored in the basement vaults of the WTC7 building, but these vaults were empty when the building was blown up.

The attack of 9/11 was the reason for the patriot act, war against terror, against own and world population, the biggest gold robbery of all time, destruction of the middle east to get power over the energy supplies, drugs and raw materials theft in Afghanistan to flood the world with drugs and to let their banks launder all this.

Since the people of Europe do not trust the matter out of common sense, they rejected the constitution of the fascist EU in referendums in France, the Netherlands and Ireland.

This was transformed into a treaty, but this treaty is not legally valid, since the Netherlands no longer exists as a sovereign state from May 13, 1940, the Dutch Cabal is a continuation of the Hitler regime which took over the government of the former Netherlands on May 18, 1940.

What was sold to the people under the name Democracy is in reality a Dictatorship under parliamentary semblance democracy shaped by Bilderberg satanists.

The straw man of the Rothschild is Nazi and devil George Soros, who bribed all politicians in important places without restrictions, 265 of whom were in the European Parliament alone.

Here in Europe, are praised by MSM for the decisiveness of Merkel and Rutte on their role in crisis management, to make people believe that they are solving it, while these are just the perpetrators against their own and world population of their crimes against humanity.

Since a war was no longer possible, and Europe Defender 2020 was already planned, the long-planned pandemic scenario Corona was taken out of the closet.

The population would have to quarantine themselves in order to secretly enable the 5G rollout in many cities, as the awakening population is a threat from the satanists of politics and national government.

The Globalists are in a death struggle that they want to push through with their NWO agenda 21, to commit mass genocide on their own population.

Here is an example of what the D66 wants to do politically, we already have to work until 67, and are allowed to die with our 70 years of life, they have medication in mind.

D66 is led by Rob Jetten, also a homosexual, who could be an Andrenochrome user, this party is completely infiltrated with satanists and left-wingers to implement their satanic agenda 21.

If we look at the power structure that Hitler had, I would say the D66 is the SS of this Nazi government, there are not one but all the rotten apples of society that are taking the population hostage to impose the NWO fascism on us.

If we want world peace and prosperity for all mankind, the Dutch Cabal will also have to be removed.

It seems as if I have strayed, but all this information is needed to understand the rest.

Since the Cabal has infiltrated every facet of our lives through the centuries, a plan was needed to stop this crime against us and mother earth.

It is a complex plan, which is divided into several blocks of steps that had to be taken, without waking up the whole world during the preparations, because this would damage the strategy.

Then you need multiple distractions, where the opponent can't right arrows, where the first blows come until it's a fact.

The alliance uses the same techniques used by the Cabal, due to PsyOps and confusion, this is only possible if you know what to do, so make sure you get the right information through infiltrators to make your plans to thwart the NWO plans.

Under the motto 'Together we are strong', Putin must have thought, when he offered Donald J Trump the intercepted information of 160 Terabyte.

Putin does not make so many words dirty about some of the incidents, but takes action in a way that shows the opposite of what the MSM wanted to impose on us.

It was Obama, John McCain, Clinton and the rotten EU that set up the Mossad ISIS, to which low IQ Muslims, who do not unduly hate the West, joined.

It was our supposed leaders who set fire to the world, Obama, Clinton and their EU puppets who funded ISIS, ISIS that never attacked Israel.

Many people in U.S. politics have German Jewish moons, are very supportive of Israel and supporters, Israel was founded by the expulsion of the original inhabitants by the Rothschild family.

Who has financed all wars on two sides, who has genocide of the European Jews in World War II on his conscience, it was the bankers the Rothschild rats who took us hostage for so long.

So here it's not only the Muslims, Jews and Christians who are the victims of crimes committed by the Satanists (Zionists), but they set everyone against each other to destroy each other.

With the awakening, this starts to get through to many people, who see that they are falsely indoctrinated to serve an agenda that imposes limitations on them and makes them hate on completely false grounds.

How to maintain this as an established Cabal order, you seduce people in politics, actors, and civil servants, by making them do the bad things that you record in order to blackmail them.

Whether we are talking about Jeffrey Epstein or the Ukraine, Vatican everywhere is money, wealth and or power connected with Satanism (Zionism) and a manager named Georg Soros and sons.

Putin defeated ISIS far and wide and Obama and Mossad as a terror organization had to turn the world into a great satanic caliphate.

Putin has helped Assad to regain dominance in Syria, and to force Erdogan back into his country.

Putin will also have made it clear to Erdogan that there will never be a great Ottoman empire, possibly under threat of dividing Turkey into small states.

Putin will also have made it clear to Trump that the US cannot be sovereign if it does not release the occupied territories, the retreat to the Middle East and Europe will then be necessary.

Since the Second World War never ended, the puppet governments in Europe will have to come to an end, because Hitler's granddaughter Angela Merkel, who was applauded by MSM, with Stadholder Willem Alexander von Amsberg and his manager Mark Rutte, will also have to disappear in order to make Germany sovereign and the Netherlands a republic again.

The exercise Europe Defender 2020 was sold to the population against a possible threat from Russia, but in complete contrast, Russian troops are now moving through Europe, together with US troops, each securing their own goals, to bring the Second World War to an end.

From human trafficking, drug trafficking, wars of all participating countries, including US, Germany, the Netherlands, France, England, everything will now become clear through the upcoming revelations.

We are going to see broken children, who have been abused, murdered, to stop the satanists' foul play, 9/11, MH17-MH370, mass shooting, like false flags to keep the world in fear.

When this reveals who did what, the Cabal will be outlawed. For all the names will be known in the more than 550,000 indictments, which may concern more than one person.

From darkness to light, from underground tunnels, to the surface, from lies to truth, days of darkness, which means days of silence, before all will be revealed.

This is the ideal moment to release the new gold covered money system and funds in the chaos on the side of the Cabal.

One can never give funds in full and certainly not to the Cabal to save humanity, so it is going to happen from the bottom up.

People who have experienced the hardships we were exposed to will build the world with the help of the alliance.

If I have to believe the info that once there were 600 people who would get funds, but now that 500,000 people are spread over 209 countries, this could be an average of 2392 fund holders per country who are going to take care of their countrymen.

Dear people, this is justifiably called a divine plan, because everyone who participates is chosen to do this together, with many not realizing that they have been chosen.

That's why I emphasize that whoever accepts funds also has a moral obligation to the plan and mankind.