The World will Never be the Same

The world will never be the same after this period, 4 April 2020 = 4 + 4 + 4

In this post I would like to go through a few things that are very important for the transition we are now embarking on.

I can reassure people who are afraid of WW3 that it is almost over.

To be born, to learn to obey and to serve with the fight for survival at the hands of the Cabal is almost over.

We have been kept in a false illusion for so long that we get confused when we start to see the truth, even many who think they are awake are going to learn a lot.

Most governments around the world are part of the crime against the world's population, and certainly against our own, it is state terror on a large scale to which we as a population are exposed.

Why is Russia so demonized by Western politics and media?

Vladimir Putin did what Donald J Trump is doing now, exposing and removing the Satanists Deep State in order to destroy the fascist NWO.

We must also think for a moment that there are priorities in the timeline of action to be taken, because rescuing and protecting abducted children who have been murdered and tortured for the Andrenochrome drug for the elite, they are the first priority.

This is one of the first actions that had to be taken and is included in the whole plan.

No matter how heartbreaking it is, we have to realize that the animals that did this must never again be able to use their satanic practices.

We now see many prominent people decaying as a result of the supply stop of Andrenochrome that kept their young.

The war against paedophiles is an international war that has been going on for years, as the speech of Vladimir Putin, who took a stand on Mark Rutte's accusation that Russia would persecute homosexuals (know that slippery viper Satanist Mark Rutte himself is also a homosexual), proves.

Vladimir Putin gives Mark Rutte a taste of his own medicine!

I find it hard to imagine that a judge in Moscow would allow paedophilia organization.

Here we see exactly what the actions in the west are doing now, and don't be afraid no one will be skipped, all the rats that want to leave the sinking ship can't escape.

Although the patriots all over the world have the same goal, the cooperation was only well established after the meeting between Trump and Putin, in Helsinki 2018.

Mr President, I now give you the ball to complete the game.

With 160 Terabyte of information and key code to decipher the intel.

The Deep State was afraid of this meeting, so that's why Putin was so demonised because he had already eliminated his Deep State in Russia.

The desired war of the Cabal didn't happen, so they can't link the implosion of the Fiat money system to a war that's coming.