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They want to control you to kill or enslave you to serve them, get up and stop this crime

Ignore the Nazi Lock Down

What religion, colour or race you adhere to, it doesn't matter, see who your future killers are.

There, we have a common goal to protect the world and our families and to get rid of the world's garbage.

They want to control you to kill or enslave you to serve them, get up and stop this crime, ignore the Nazi Lock Down.

The world is startled by the subcutaneous Nazi fascist Bilderberg virus from the Deep State political actors, bankers, and administrators of public bodies, as well as the NGO rats.

Corona with the Lock down is the tool to transform the world into a world fascist dictatorship called the NWO, UN, WHO, NATO, it is all Evil Cabal.

This database contains grants paid by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and earlier foundations of the Gates family (William H. Gates Foundation, Gates Library Foundation and Gates Learning Foundation) from 1994 onwards. The system only includes grant payments, no direct charitable agreements or program-related investments. Please note that this database is a dynamic system that is regularly updated. We recommend that you refer to the foundation's 990-PFs published on the financial page for the final list of all individual grants.

They deserve a public execution with their own poison syringes and products.

Who are the other bribed Satanists players who support Genocide?

These companies earn money from disease they inflict on the population, including the spraying of Chemtrails.

It won't be long now before these monsters are arrested for their crimes.

They're poisoning everything to genocide the world, water, food and our air.

Search by BV, GMBH in the search bar.

There is a lot of money in the genocide they have on their conscience.

Now let's see which sponsors the Clinton Foundation had, Pay for Play:

Add to this the fact that Soros and the bribed politicians in the EU and other countries, foundations are financing the destruction of our existence in order to push through his left-wing fascist NMO as the puppet of the Rothschild.

This whole Vampire Adrenochrome Rat's Nest will have to be smoked out when the imprisoned and abused children are liberated across the world.


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