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... increasing the mitochondrial activity and, therefore, the response of the immune system.

CHLORINE DIOXIDE AND THE BASES OF ITS THERAPEUTIC APPLICATION IN CORONAVIRUSES Chlorine dioxide (ClO 2) has been used for over 100 years to fight all kinds of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It acts as a disinfectant, since in its mode of action it turns out to be an oxidant. It closely resembles the way our own body works, for example in phagocytosis, where an oxidation process is used to eliminate all kinds of pathogens. Chlorine dioxide (ClO 2) is a yellowish gas that, to date, has not been introduced into the conventional pharmacopoeia as an active ingredient, although it is compulsory used to disinfect and preserve blood bags for transfusions. It is also used in the majority of bottled waters suitable for consumption, since it leaves no toxic residues; in addition to being a very soluble gas in water and that evaporates from 11 ºC. The recent pandemic of the Covid-19 coronavirus demands urgent solutions with an approach with all possible approaches, whether conventional or alternative. In previous investigations, chlorine dioxide (ClO 2) in aqueous solution at low doses eliminated this virus. The approach is as follows: on the one hand we know that viruses are absolutely sensitive to oxidation and therefore, it is used in human blood bags against viruses such as HIV and studies in rats reveal that it completely controls virus infections Influenza A, it is proposed that it should also act on SARS -Cov -2. Base proposals for mechanisms of action in COVID 19

  1. Chlorine dioxide removes viruses through the selective oxidation process in a very short time. It does this by denaturing the capsid proteins, and subsequently oxidizes the genetic material of the virus, disabling it. A completely new approach that has been studied by Andreas Ludwig Kalcker, one of the members of this research team, for more than thirteen years with the result of three pharmaceutical patents for parenteral use. It can be produced by any pharmacy as a master preparation and has been used in a similar way to (DAC N-055) in the old German Drug Code as "Natrium Chlorosum" since 1990. Until now solutions have been proposed that result in extremely slow processes, and given the rate of attack of the virus, we must try to use the fastest and most expeditious routes possible. The great advantage of chlorine dioxide is that it works for any viral subspecies and there are no possible resistances to this type of oxidation. Let's not forget that this substance has been used for 100 years in wastewater without generating any type of resistance.

  2. There is already scientific evidence that chlorine dioxide is effective in SARS-CoV-2 coronaviruses, It has also been shown to be effective in human coronavirus and in animals such as dogs, known as canine respiratory coronavirus, or in cats, including feline enteric coronavirus (FECV) and the better known virus of feline infectious peritonitis (FIPV), since it denatures the capsids by oxidation inactivating the virus in a short time .

It should be noted that chlorine dioxide to ingest is a completely new antiviral approach as it is an oxidant and can eliminate by combustion any subspecies or mutant variant of virus. Given the emergency situation in which we currently find ourselves with Covid-19, the oral use of ClO2 is proposed immediately through a protocol already known and used. Toxicity: The biggest problems that arise with medications in general are due to their toxicity and side effects. New studies demonstrate its viability. Although the toxicity of chlorine dioxide in case of massive inhalation is known, there is no clinically proven death even at high doses by oral ingestion. The lethal dose (LD50, acute toxicity ratio) is considered to be 292 mg per kilogram for 14 days, where its equivalent in a 50 kg adult would be 15,000 mg administered for two weeks of a gas dissolved in water (something almost impossible). The oral sub-toxic doses used are around 50 mg dissolved in 100 ml of water 10 times a day, which is equivalent to 0.5 g daily (and, therefore, only 1/30 of the LD50 of 15 g of ClO2 per day). Chlorine dioxide dissociates, breaks down in the human body in a few hours into a negligible amount of common salt (NaCL) and oxygen (O2) within the human body. Furthermore, measurements of venous blood gases have indicated that it is capable of substantially improving the lung oxygenation capacity of the affected patient. OPERATION CHLORINE DIOXIDE AGAINST VIRUSES As a general rule, most viruses behave similarly and once they bind to the appropriate host type - bacteria or cell, as the case may be - the nucleic acid component that the virus introduces takes over after protein synthesis processes in the infected cell. Certain segments of the viral nucleic acid are responsible for the replication of the genetic material of the capsid. In the presence of these nucleic acids, the CLO2 molecule becomes unstable and dissociates, releasing the resulting oxygen to the medium, which in turn helps to oxygenate the surrounding tissue, increasing the mitochondrial activity and, therefore, the response of the immune system. Nucleic acids, DNA-RNA, consist of a chain of puric and pyrimidine bases, see: guanine (G), cytosine (C), adenine (A) and thymine (T). It is the sequence of these four units along the chain that makes one segment different from another. The guanine base, which is found in both RNA and DNA, is very sensitive to oxidation, forming 8-oxoguanin as a by-product of it. Therefore, when the CLO2 molecule comes in contact with guanine and oxidizes it, it leads to the formation of 8-oxoguanin, thus blocking viral nucleic acid replication by base pairing. Although the replication of the protein capsid may continue; Fully functional virus formation is blocked by oxidation thanks to CLO2. The CLO2 molecule has characteristics that make it an ideal candidate for treatment in the clinical setting, since it is a product with a high selective oxidation power and a great capacity to reduce acidosis, increasing oxygen in the tissues and mitochondria, thus facilitating the rapid recovery of patients with lung diseases. POSSIBLE PRECAUTIONS AND CONTRAINDICATIONS Chlorine dioxide reacts with antioxidants and various acids, so the use of vitamin C or ascorbic acid is not recommended during treatment, as it nullifies the effectiveness of chlorine dioxide in the elimination of pathogens (the antioxidant effect of one prevents the selective oxidation of the other.) Therefore, it is not advisable to take antioxidants during the days of treatment. Stomach acid has been shown not to affect its effectiveness. In patients with Warfarin treatment, they should constantly check the values to avoid cases of overdose, as chlorine dioxide has been shown to improve blood flow. Although chlorine dioxide is very soluble in water, it has the advantage that it does not hydrolyze, so it does not generate toxic carcinogenic THM (trihalomethanes) such as chlorine. It also does not cause genetic mutations or malformations. HYPOTHESIS Orally administered chlorine dioxide eliminates COVID infection 19. METHODOLOGY TYPE OF STUDY Observational, prospective, quasi-experimental study of a group of cases. Characteristics of our study: Like quasi-experimental studies, it is used, particularly, to determine the effect of treatments or interventions. It has two basic characteristics: the first, it does not require the randomization procedure for the formation of the study and control groups; the second may or may not have control groups. This quasi-experimental study offers an adequate level of internal and external validity. In addition, we will use time series without a control group, based on a single group that serves as study and control. Once established, periodic measurements of the dependent variable are carried out, then the treatment is applied and subsequently the dependent variable continues to be measured periodically. Source:

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